Write Now with Kayt Molina

How this freelance writer turns in 10,000 words a week.

Write Nowprovides a glimpse into how different people write for a living.Today's edition featuresKayt Molina,full time freelance writer.
Personal photo courtesy of Kayt Molina

Who are you?

I'm Kayt Molina.I am a full-time freelance writer,in Miami,Florida.

What do you write?

I sort of fell into writing.It's something I always loved to do and had a passion for but not something I expected to make money from.I thought writing for a living was something only very qualified,experienced,or talented writers could do.I wasn't sure how to turn my passion into work but I have been blessed to do so.

I work for different clients — and provide a variety of different services.From writing newsletters and a Kickstarter to social media,websites,DIY guides,and articles,I'm kinda a take-whatever-comes-my-way type.I've even had to dabble in print design,布局,script-writing,and producing.I am still hoping to hammer out a clear sense of direction but,for now,I enjoy the variety.

My main gig is short- and long-form guide writing.It's anywhere from 8k-10k words a week on this job alone.It's not my ideal career path.It's draining and not very creative but it is excellent practice for me.I've learned how to deliver a lot of content and meet tight deadlines,which I hope will come in handy when I write my novel in the future.

Where do you write?

I have a lovely desk setup… and I write in bed beside it.I have a great view of the desk though.I prefer to work in pajamas,bundled up in blankets,with some form of nonsense television on in the background.My latest background noise is 90 Day Fiancé.I know it doesn't sound like the best,most productive work environment — but it works for me.

I work on a Surface Pro and usually type right into Word or Docs.I keep a notebook for article and novel ideas for my personal projects but I should probably do a better job of writing in it more often.

When do you write?

From 9am-4pm each day,I am researching,writing,or working onsomething.I try to writeat least2k words a day but usually it's much more.My deadlines are flexible but,if I am not writing,I'm not making money.It's important to be self-motivated to pay the bills.Being on the grind can definitely be exhausting so I am looking forward to something more reliable and steady sometime soon.

Why do you write?

I write because I love it but,to be perfectly honest,most of the time I feel like I don't know what I am doing.I battle a lot of self-doubt and thoughts of not being good enough,qualified enough,etc.

My clients put a lot of trust in my abilities,sometimes more than I have in myself.Sometimes they ask me to step outside of my comfort zone and I wonder,"Can I do that?Can I deliver?" I've learned to say yes and be enthusiastic.I've always been able to deliver and have discovered more about myself.

I've also learned that most adults don't really know what they are doing,either.I discovered that all those people who told me to,"Fake it 'til you make it" were talking about themselves,too.

How do you overcome writer's block?

It'shard.Usually I get mad at myself,distract myself and make it worse,get mad again,and eventually force myself to sit down andjust do it.I wouldn't suggest my method as it involves a lot of self-directed disappointment.

Bonus: What do you enjoy doing when not writing?

I love being with my children and husband.We love movies,games,and pizza.I also love to cook.It's relaxing and just the right balance of creativity and productivity.和我是一个大的读者。I read anywhere from 50 to 70 books a year.

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