Write Now with Danny Forest

How a nomadic entrepreneur makes a living writing one hour a day.

Write Now让我们大致了解不同的人是如何以写作为生的。Today's edition features Danny Forest,a nomadic entrepreneur and technical writer.
Danny Forest提供的个人照片

Who are you?

嘿!I'm Danny,from Canada.I am currently a nomad,living in different countries every 3–4 months.在写这个的时候,I live in Colombia.

Technically,我是个专业的软件工程师。In the past year however,我已经做了以下专业:视频游戏制作人/开发者/设计师,Photographer,and Writer.I don't like labels but here's how best to describe me currently: Technologies,Polymath,Entrepreneur,Engineer and Educator.

What do you write?

My writing is more like a dialogue with my readers.I like to provide actionable insights based on my own experiences,my observations and my research.I write to my reader as I would talk to a friend.

I mostly write on Entrepreneurship (I've started 7 companies),灵感,Life Lessons,Self Improvement,Productivity and Writing.My favourite thing to write about is Skill Development.I try to avoid opinion pieces as much as possible.I don't like controversy.

I started writing by "accident".Since September 2017,I've been learning 3 new skills every month.In January 2018,我决定我应该提高写作技巧。Back then,there was a new trend to write one story a day on Medium.I decided to take that challenge on.I thought that if I wrote publicly every day,surely I'd get better.

I couldn't have predicted what ensued.我开始工作五天后,I got published by The Startup.23 days later,I became a top writer in 7 categories!

My usual skill learning approach is to move on to something else after a month but I couldn't do that with writing.I had a lot more success than anticipated and received incredible comments from my readers.

I now can make a living entirely by writing only one hour every day (living in a cheap country).

But I don't care for money.I write because I like writing and helping people.For example,any money I make from The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative,I give it right back to them within their Patreon.

Where do you write?

I think I'm different from most people on that.我其实不太重视写作。I simply write what comes to mind on the moment.I very rarely know what I'm going to write about until I actually start writing.

Most of the time,I write my stories on my bed as soon as I wake up at 4:30am.I write for about 50 minutes and stop and resume the next day.

Sometimes I'm so inspired during the day that I stop everything I'm doing and just write what comes to mind.That screws up my schedule but most of the time,these end up being my best stories.

The only tool I use is Grammarly.I write directly in Medium's editor.

When do you write?

I write for about 50 minutes every morning.因为我的日程很紧,I never disrespect my time limit.I typically write about 1.5k words during that timeframe.

I aim to write one big piece (10+ minutes) and two smaller pieces (7- minutes) every week.I mostly succeed.I don't care if I don't succeed.

I never ask anyone for help.I re-read once or twice and barely edit.As a result,my stories are rarely perfect.我不是完美主义者,尽管我周围有很多人认为我是。

Why do you write?

I really write to help people,though I would be lying if I said I don't get a kick out of doing it.It's actually a way to entertain myself.I think it's really that simple for me.

How do you overcome writer's block?

Strangely enough,我还没有真正的作家街区,即使在写了330多个故事之后。I think part of this is because I let my imagination do the work.With a full night's sleep,I'm as creative as I can be,这就是为什么这是我早上做的第一件事。

写作,the less I plan,the easier it flows.I might be an exception here though.

If that's any help,I wrote that a while back:

Bonus: What do you enjoy doing when not writing?

棘手的问题!Many things!Since my writing pretty much only happens in the first hour of the day,there are plenty of other things I'm doing during the day.

What I enjoy the most is learning new skills and experiencing different cultures and environments.

In January I learned to Salsa Dance and compose music.These were two of the most fun skills I've ever learned/practiced.

I'm an avid video game enthusiast,我喜欢徒步旅行,photography,读传记,酒馆,tennis,hard workouts,等。

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