Introducing Editing Tokens from The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative


The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative has spent the last four years building a community of people who help each other write better.Our newest feature coincides withthe launch of our Patreon:Introducing Editing Tokens.

What are Editing Tokens??

Editing Tokens are codes from The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative that can be redeemed for an approved editor to proofread,edit,and/or critique one article of up to 1,000 words.

How Do I Get an Editing Token??

The only way to get an Editing Token is to become a Supporter,Friend,or VIP of The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative onPatreon.Supporters receive one Editing Token per year while Friends and VIPs receive an additional editing token each month.Learn more about our Patreon launch.

How Do I Redeem an Editing Token??

Patreonsupporters receive access to a special email address where they can redeem their tokens.Supporters with an Editing Token can submit an article,essay,or even fiction short story or novel chapter for editing.Once submitted,the admin team will then assign a VIP Editor to the submitted piece.

Supporters can specify what advice they're looking for such as grammar,flow,structure,wording,etc.Once the VIP Editor accepts the Editing Token,they will look over the work and provide notes within 72 hours.

We require submitted pieces come via either Medium's platform or Google Docs so editors can utilize private notes to provide editing notes.VIP Editors will not accept Word,PDFs,email attachments,or any other type of downloadable file for editing.

Who are the VIP Editors??

Initially the four administrators of The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative (Stella J.McKenna,,Jessica Jungton,,Justin Cox,andSand Farnia) will serve as VIP Editors.Over time,,PatreonVIPs will be brought on board as VIP Editors.Before being able to edit work,new editors will learn The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative's editing process and be trained to follow our exclusive editing checklist.

Can I Give Away,Buy,or Sell Editing Tokens??

No.Editing Tokens are non-transferable.

Do Editing Tokens have expiration dates or do they stack up??

Editing Tokens do not have expiration dates and they do stack up.For example,you can stack 2 tokens for a 2,000 word article,or 2 tokens for 2 separate editors on the same 1,000 word article.

What about the existing #drafts channel in Slack?Is that going away??

The crowd-sourced #drafts channel in ourfree Slack communityremains available for writers who want to solicit feedback from other community 威廉希尔足球盘口members.Editing Tokens provides a new option guaranteeing a trained set of eyes will proofread and edit your work.

Editing Tokens give you an experienced editor to guide your writing while simultaneously giving The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative the support we need to maintain and grow our community.Become a supporter on Patreon todayand grab an editing token to take your writing to the next level.

Our mission here is simple: Help each other write better.We'd like you to join us.

Helping each other write better. Join Us.