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Helping each other write better.
Note from the editor

A community of people who help each other write better.

Sand Farnia
I walk through mind fields.Cat lover.Writer.Entrepreneur.Cofounder of The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative.
Justin Cox
Writer • Minister • Donut Eater ➡️ Subscribe and connect with me at http://JustinCox.com.
Stella J.McKenna
Mystery woman by day.Writer by night.Hopeless yet unrelenting 24–7.I like to contemplate: love,sex,feelings,quantum physics,and pop music lyrics.
Jessica Jungton
I paint landscapes in portrait and smile at strangers.
Lincoln W Daniel
My passion is in developing software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently.Author @JavaForHumans.com.Creator of @Smedian.com
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Xena Lunastitch
Curator of stories and tall tales,keeper of the flame,cultural renegade and warrior goddess
Niki Marinis
Weird Girl,Professional Navel Gazer,Funny Lady.IG DocJohnnyFever.Stay in touch! http://tinyurl.com/yxo3lhe2
Pam Parker
Author,encourager,persevering professional.#binders Advocate for depression & cancer survivors.Links to writing at https://pamwrites.net/publications-18b08
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Ames Westport
A freelance writer and recovering marketer.I write essays on personal growth and such.
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Aman Bathla
UX Evangelist,Serial Entrepreneur,Startup Consultant
Go to the profile of Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
On DrOz-TV/Radio KatKanavosShow/Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™ KatheenOkeefeKanavos.com Agented Author-DREAMS THAT CAN SAVE/ SURVIVING CANCERLAND,Chicken Soup
Go to the profile of Rishi Sidhu
Rishi Sidhu
Writer | Speaker | Strategy Consultant | Entrepreneur.I love to read other people's brain — literally.Making other people think makes me happy.
Meg Stewart
Freelance writer and editor,software go to gal.Farm-girl at heart.Grammi to nine grandsons and one granddaughter. https://megstewartwrites.com
Stephanie Noel Kirlin
Global Citizen+Traveler+Social Activist+Executive Leadership+ADHD Coach.Creating Global Change thru microlending,women's education/empowerment+youth programs.
Lauren Langford
Coach Calculated Risk Taker Book Worm Dreamer Writer
Kathy Lee Tolleth
Author,reader,coffee drinker,insomniac,mother of three human beings,pansexual.Published on Lit Up,CROSSIN(G)ENRES and Chalkboard
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Tom Farr
Tom is a writer and high school English teacher.He loves creating and spending time with his wife and children.For freelancing,email tomfarrwriter@gmail.com.
Maya Spikes
Writer,blogger and content marketer.Are you a writer?Visit www.mayaspikes.comfor helpful tips and healthy doses of inspiration about writing and blogging.
As a Personal Growth & Career Coach at 99minds,I help individuals be more effective in life and at work.
Go to the profile of L.A.Parker
Exploring self-reinvention and inner strength.It's only from here.Contributor to: The 威廉希尔中文版Writing Cooperative and Be Yourself.
Angely Mercado
Native NYer.Freelance writer in The Lily,NPR,Lenny Letter,BK Based,Edible Manhattan.I write therefore I am.Hire me amercado92@gmail.com
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Ron Lester
I've always loved reading and writing,a wide variety of topics and genres.
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Jireh Gibson
lover of life,adding value to others,author,business owner,living a life of purpose,while helping others discover theirs
Former Kansas farm girl living the dream in Silicon Valley and finding reality is nothing like I thought it would be.I've been working in tech since 1979.
Jordan Brown
Social worker making mental health accessible @ www.nerve10.com| Published in Thought Catalog | Columnist,Good Men Project | http://bit.ly/2EiV02k
James Kenichi
I'm a vintage Millennial,trying to write stuff that isn't boring.
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Louis Chew
Distilling ideas on how we can live productively and purposefully.Grab your free productivity guide: http://subscribe.constantrenewal.com/connect
Go to the profile of Angelique
A writer that refuses to make excuses.I'm passionate about taking 100% responsibility for my life,and creating it from the inside out.Visit www.angienoll.com
Sylvia Hewett Schneider
Minister's wife;homemaker;writer;musician.I've spent most of my life in TX & NM: I'm finding a new "me" in Tennessee!Feels like comin' home!
Kathy Cope
Writing about life,travel,things that make me smile and things that make me wonder.Freelance writer,cake-maker,down-sizer and tequila fan.
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Go to the profile of Iain H.McLean
Iain H.McLean
Copywriter & novelist.Former screenwriter & winner of the BAFTA Rocliffe Screenwriting Award.
Go to the profile of Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan
Evita L.Smith
Pastor,preacher,blogger and empowerment coach.Living each day to pursue God's purpose for my life and help others to do the same.
Jennie D.Legary
Thaddeus Howze
Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | Tech Humanist | http://bit.ly/thowzebio| http://bit.ly/thpatreon
Go to the profile of Charu
Multipotentialite.Sampling the many lives in one lifetime…Some I savour,some I swallow.
Go to the profile of Desereé Viola
Frank McKinley
Featured on NBC News.Creative Coach on a mission to turn Striving Writers into Thriving Writers.Over 30k books sold. http://eepurl.com/cA56nH
A Maguire
Writers can only write their hearts and no two hearts are the same.
Colleen Valles
Helping creatives make time & space for what they love. colleen@slowsimplelife.com.FREE course: 7 Days to a Simpler,More Creative Life www.slowsimplelife.com
Arin Basu
Environmentalist,Epidemiologist,Surgeon,Professor,New Zealander.Teaches at the University of Canterbury,New Zealand.Also at: https://refind.com/arinbasu
Go to the profile of Elle W.Silver
Elle W.Silver
Freelance writer and editor @ http://ellewsilver.wixsite.com/ellesediting.Aspiring paranormal romance author @ http://ellewsilver.com/
Go to the profile of Chomwa Shikati
Chomwa Shikati
Entrepreneur | Accountant |Writer.who likes to write about a lot of things.( cshikati@gmail.com)
Go to the profile of Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta
Cultivating the life stories.
Go to the profile of Des@TourismTattler
Digital Nomad specialising in Africa as a Travel Destination.Publisher,Travel Writer/Blogger & Social Influencer.
Jose Luis Orihuela
Profesor universitario,conferenciante y escritor.Professor,Speaker and Writer.Cultura digital.Digital culture. https://www.ecuaderno.com
Callum Sharp
I teach people about writing (mostly).I also write fiction,poetry and travel pieces.Fan of the PNW.Easy does it. www.callumsharp.co.uk.
Go to the profile of Mateja Klaric
Mateja Klaric
Live to explore,for secrets abound - matejaklaric.com
Sarah Aboulhosn
writer and ~digital nomad~,among other things. www.sarahaboulhosn.com
Go to the profile of Barbara Grace
Barbara Grace
Discover how to change your thoughts.Build your motivation.Get results.bit.ly/motivation-manual
Go to the profile of Oby Akhigbe
Oby Akhigbe
A wife and a mother of three.Writing to inspire one topic at a time.
Go to the profile of Tracey Pharoah
Tracey Pharoah
I think I am a thinker… Sometimes it's words,sometimes it's pictures,sometimes it's something far less tangible… www.traceypharoah.com
Go to the profile of Giuseppe Confalonieri
Giuseppe Confalonieri
Passionate about writing,bikes and sailing.咨询和银行感兴趣的话题。
Go to the profile of James Prescott
James Prescott
Writer,Blogger & Coach // Author,Mosaic Of Grace' & 'Dance Of The Writer' // Do my FREE 31 Day 威廉希尔中文版Writing Challenge: www.jamesprescott.co.uk/writing-challenge
Daniel Sinnathamby
Writer and Artist
Go to the profile of Liz Coalts
Felicity Harley
writer.student of the human condition & psyche.grounded by family,garden and good wine. https://www.amazon.com/Felicity-Harley/e/B06XFVWGGP/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_
Go to the profile of Rhiannon D'Averc
Go to the profile of Gillian Webster
Playing with words and taking pictures.
Barry Davret
Writer,Ghost Writer,Specialty Writing,Copywriter.Contact: barry@barry-davret dot com.
Fernando Aguilar
• • Outputting thoughts as they emerge from inside • • Getting away from labels •••:}
brigitte cutshall
Solutions Consultant and Health Advocate.Dog lover and obsessed with sunsets.She's probably outside running. www.brigittecutshall.com
Paul S Markle
Wordsmith Apprentice… studying under this collective community genius.Profiler in another life & cigar addict...Experential Therapist & Equine Assisted Coach…
Go to the profile of Akshay G
Candace Iveson
Lives and writes in the Heartland.
Go to the profile of Brian M.White
Jim Fritzen
The Cost Guy,life observer and proudly apolitical seeking truth in a World that spins.
Go to the profile of Sarah Beth Wright
Sarah Beth Wright
Wife.Boymom.Grateful for Grace and Forgiveness.Heart for equality.Hope for understanding and peace.I am enough. www.facebook.com/redemptionwins
Jyssica Schwartz
Entrepreneur,writer,editor,book coach,cat lover,weirdo,optimist.Author of "Write.Get Paid.Repeat." and "You Are Not Alone." jyssicaschwartz.com
Chris Jones
Thinker.Instigator.Explorer of edges.Complexity-minded.Passion for learning & coffee.Author,The DNA of Collaboration.Let's connect on Twitter @sourcepov.
Francesca Phillips
Marketer.Writer with a B.A.in Psychology.Bookworm.Guiding creatives to better habits for a better life.Based in NYC.
Lisa Renee
Write it down.
Go to the profile of Debbie Aruta
Debbie Aruta
Debbie holds a B.A.in English Lit.She enjoys capturing life with her camera and pen to create stories. https://www.facebook.com/groups/97736
Go to the profile of Kate Rader
Kate Rader
A former city/regional magazine editor and publisher with a passion for telling the stories of everyday people.Wherever you look,there is inspiration.
M.Jay Granger
I read.I write.I organize things that people read and write.Sometimes I run.
Go to the profile of Bill Bateman
Gail Boenning
Just stop and think it through.I curate for the curious via a weekly newsletter.Sign up: https://tinyletter.com/gailboenning
Go to the profile of MikeLoomis
Launch your dream idea,book,brand,& business.I can help - It's what I do.#Agent #Branding #Publishing: www.MikeLoomis.CO/Subscribe
Go to the profile of Kelly Lang
Kelly Lang
Kelly blogs at momof3misses.wordpress.com.She is the mom of 3 beautiful daughters,a brain injury caregiver,survivor,advocate and author.
Go to the profile of Bryan Searing
Bryan Searing
Historical Fiction Author.Marketing & Insights Consultant.Husband.Father of 3.Inspired by Innovation,Creativity,Imagination + Design. www.bryansearing.com
Go to the profile of Prateek Keshari
Prateek Keshari
Social Media and Content marketer.Design enthusiast.Say hello on Twitter ( @prateekkesharii)
Hal Portner
Hal Portner consults with educational organizations and institutions.He is the author of 10 published books and over 80 articles and blogs.
Benjamin Sledge
Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://blog.heartsupport.com
Anna Sabino
Be a guest on podcasts.Exact email copy I wrote to hosts to secure over 50 interviews.FREE Download ➡️ https://annasabino.lpages.co/be-guest-on-podcasts
Go to the profile of Adeyemi Adetilewa
Adeyemi Adetilewa
Digital Marketing Consultant.Writer.Editor of ideasplusbusiness.com.Get more traffic,engage your audience and increase your revenues on adeyemiadetilewa.com
Jim Dee
Principal at Array Web Development http://www.arraywebdevelopment.com/in Portland,OR.
Lauren Salkin
Dysfunctional wife,mother,loser of stuff.Making sense out of chaos.Writer of different genres and moods.#humor #satire #life #politics #writing #culture
renee tarantowski
| Visionary | Momma to 4 | Substitute Teacher | Writing openheartedly serving kids/parents with mindfulness and compassion.Sign up to read more→ www.renee.love
Muffie Waterman
mother of 2 teens,Ph.D.in Learning Sciences,Author of Wired to Listen: What Kids Learn from What We Say.Figuring life out as I go
Ashley Nicole Hunter
Writer,editor,and soon-to-be publisher.Entirely too fond of horror movies and thick,monster-proof blankets. www.AshleyNicoleHunter.com
Pamela Pan
Pamela Pan,Ph.D.,Professor of Composition.In progress: A historical fiction based on grandparents' WWII experience and an essay collection.pamelapan.com.
Heath ዟ
https://amazon.com/author/heathhouston"Growin up leads to growin old and then to dyin… and dyin,to me,don't sound like all that much fun…"
Go to the profile of Rinor Jani
Rinor Jani
Go to the profile of Michael VenutoloMantovani
Michael VenutoloMantovani
Mediocre guitar player who occasionally writes stories in a quiet corner of Chapel Hill.Debut memoir coming soon?Join mailing list here. http://bit.ly/2tdSPap
Ifeanyi Omoike
Words from a girl who was too scared to dream but is living her dream anyway.
Debra Lobel
Author,writer,fan of legacy and modern technology,and dedicated family caregiver
Crawford Ifland
Author of Money for Millennials - Out now!Husband,designer,a third thing I forgot. www.moneyformillennialsbook.com/buy
David Woods Bartley
Mental health speaker,writer and advocate whose heartfelt purpose is to help change the way the world views mental illness,one story at a time.
Alessandro Tinchini
Author.Dreamer.Nomad.2018 NaNoWriMo Winner with horror/paranormal novel "Two Hills-The Kids Who Never Came Back".
Go to the profile of Judy Thoroski Manness
Dene Ward
Lifehacks and workhacks for the rest of us…without the fluff or BS
Go to the profile of Laura Origin
Laura Origin
Reader & writer.Offline & online.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Poetry.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Teacher,Writer,Overthinker trying desperately to get into and go with the flow.
Pamela Fender
Author of Beside Myself: Recovery From My Family Betrayal and Estrangement-A Memoir.Poet,memoirist,yogi,swimmer,animal lover,and political activist.
Go to the profile of Cory Zue
Cory Zue
I'm a developer writing openly about my self-education in entrepreneurship through launching software products.Caveat: I usually have no idea what I'm doing.
Terry Freedman
Me: passionate about learning and technology,and writing!My blogs & newsletters are at https://www.ictineducation.organd www.writersknowhow.org
Go to the profile of Nadia Seaver
Nadia Seaver
Writing about life and creativity.Blogger & podcaster over on www.CottageNotebook.ie
Go to the profile of Sandhya Ramachandran
Sandhya Ramachandran
Filmmaker,Writer,Content Strategist | To work with me,write to: sandhya321@gmail.com
Scott Stavrou
Author of Losing Venice,a novel (May 1,2018) | American expat writer in Greece | PEN Hemingway Award | http://bit.ly/LosingVenice
Go to the profile of Pinar Tarhan
Pinar Tarhan
Freelance writer for hire.Careers,Business,Lifestyle. http://writing.pinartarhan.com
Writer,Poet,ENFP,Wanderer,Behavioral Architect and Creative Coach.Inspired to inspire.Top Writer of the Year 2018 — Quora Italia
Go to the profile of Mary Adelaide Scipioni
Mary Adelaide Scipioni
Multifaceted resilient creativity.Landscape architect at www.pebble-stream.com& author,AKA Mariuccia Milla at www.mariucciamilla.com.
Go to the profile of Elavatsala sharma
Elavatsala sharma
Artist and Psychiatrist
Jeffrey Lam
Chronic Thinker,Science-Lover,Med Student.Writing to ponder big questions and reflect on life.New thoughts each weekend
Lori Bumgarner,Passion & Career Coach
Helping you who feel stuck in your career get unstuck & put your purpose & passion into action.yourpassioninlife.com | paNASH | SUP enthusiast | basketball fan
Go to the profile of Alvi Syahrin
Alvi Syahrin
I write things that make you feel like,"Thank you for writing this!" You're welcome.
Go to the profile of Rahma Hegy
Rahma Hegy
Studentessa.Mi interesso di temi internazionali e di attualità,dalle politiche giovanili ai cambiamenti climatici.• rahma_hegy2001@yahoo.it
S Lynn Knight ✌️"Never miss a good chance to shut up." ~ Will Rogers
Go to the profile of Laura Cullen
Laura Cullen
www.lauranell.me• recovering perfectionist • writing about faith,love,& grace • san francisco native
Go to the profile of Jenny Wight Keil
Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley
Writer | Follower of curiosity | OWN Network Contributor | Author of "The Gift of Crisis" Find it Today on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KMHibF
Dorothea Brooke
I blog about building a life with enough productivity,creativity and reflection to temper the existential despair.
Go to the profile of Diana Niewald
Diana Niewald
Professional,Teacher,Tutor,Website Developer,Blogger,Parent,Grandparent.Education is my dream job!
Roy Reichle
Poet,Writer,Rock climber,Fitness Coach.I live in the present — breath by breath.
Go to the profile of Manasa Kashi
Manasa Kashi
Full-time student.Part-time writer.Amateur musician.Professional eater.Obsessive stylist.Compulsive reader.Editor@Snipette.
Go to the profile of LEKSHMAN S P
Go to the profile of Mark Abouzeid
Mark Abouzeid
A global nomad scouring the planet for empathy and community.My life is now.My culture is the one I am in.My heritage is old,deep and nomadic.
Go to the profile of Nicole Stella
Nicole Stella
Independent singer and songwriter,movie and TV series addicted,chai tea lover.Listen to my music here: www.nicolestella.com
Go to the profile of Anna Aria
Anna Aria
Writing about marketing,tech,wine,and pretty much anything.Founded http://anatown.com.Telling stories for @SFLand @Inapptics.
Vico Biscotti
Engineer,rebooting from crash.Wait… where's my login screen?
Dani Lee Collins
Trying to ask the right questions.I explore fantasy,reality,and the world we inhabit in between.Join the adventure: http://bit.ly/danileecollins
Tess Wheeler
Writer,editor and English teacher.Reader and beach-walker.I used to live in Hong Kong and London but now I'm back home in the North East of England.
Chris Sowers
Dedicated to lifelong learning and trying to share some of it.I love writing and coaching other writers and leaders.Find me here: bit.ly/2i2R7nv.
Dr.Alexandra Domelle
Mindfulness Coach | Author | Meditation Teacher | Bespoke private online coaching | Ready to Live Your Best Life Now? www.alexandradomelle.com
Go to the profile of Joanna Strom
Joanna Strom
Go to the profile of Wes Melville
Wes Melville
Management Consultant.Food Sustainability Writer and Consultant.wesmelville.com and thymefries.com.Based in DC. @wesmelville @thymefries
Go to the profile of Lee Nicholson
Lee Nicholson
Lee is the founder of Productive Momentum.His aim is to help all "Think Productively,Plan Productively,Act Productively!" He uses Evernote and GTD.
Go to the profile of Laura Joldersma
Laura Joldersma
Reading,writing,and ultimate frisbee.Also at http://ampersunder.com
Go to the profile of Glen Binger
Glen Binger
Author/Teacher/Coach.Lifelong student.Beach kid. https://linktr.ee/bingbangbooks
Go to the profile of Nupur Netan Sachdeva
Nupur Netan Sachdeva
old enough to know better..young enough to do it anyway
Go to the profile of Thom Crowe
Thom Crowe
I'm Thom.Orthodox Deacon,new dad,okay husband,foodie/home chef,displaced Houstonian in Tulsa,& social media junkie.Everything here is purely my opinion.
Vaibhav Gupta
Professional writer,Toastmaster.Finding my voice in talking about mental health and productivity.
Randy Withers
Editor,Blunt-Therapy.com,writing about mental health,addiction,relationships,and parenting.: Support@blunt-therapy.com
Go to the profile of Jacob Gross
Jacob Gross
constantly trying to un-see calibri and cambria.
Go to the profile of David I'olua Alabi
David I'olua Alabi
A freelance writer,a poet,a student and an aspiring motivational speaker.I write to write!
Joe Váradi
translator / poet / fly on wall / adopted son of 台灣 / come for the sarcasm,stay for my soft side
Go to the profile of Holly Brady
Robert M.Henderson
I usually write about coffee,tech or travel but often take meandering diversions ✒️ www.tencontent.co.uk
Ryan J.Pelton
Reader,writer,author of seventeen books,grace junkie,and family man.I also help motivated writers get unstuck: theprolificwriter.lpages.co/vip
Go to the profile of Emilie Pelletier
Emilie Pelletier
I'm here to connect with you and exchange about what it means to be a human.
Cheney Meaghan
Writer mom.I don't know what I'm doing,but I'm doing it anyway. http://cheney.me
Go to the profile of Jen Stephan Kapral
Jen Stephan Kapral
writer,educator,activist,health nut.On a quest to write the perfect short story.
Charlton Alexander
Founder & Executive Director of Adam Restored Ministries,Inc.;Volunteer Lay Pastor of East Wake Fellowship SDA Church;and Literature Evangelist.
Mary Alice Long,PhD
Mary Alice Long is the creator of Play=Peace™ and a Play-based,Depth-oriented mentor for Women,Writer,and Speaker. https://linktr.ee/playequalspeace
Go to the profile of Neil Rochford
Neil Rochford
Europe smells a bit funny.Self-published author ( http://bit.ly/brpbook),sometime blogger,part-time thinker http://neiltr.com
Jonathan Isbill
Health & Nutrition Researcher,Ball State,Traveler,Motivator,Writer,Author,Entrepreneur,Harmonizer of Community,Soon RDN,Hopeful Fulbright → Italy
Sheldon Clay
Truth in advertising.Truth in journalism.If it's true I want to write about it.
Go to the profile of Ryan Mizzen
Ryan Mizzen
Freelance Writer and aspiring Cli-Fi Author,with a focus on climate change communication.MA in Creative Writing and BSc in Climate Change. www.ryanmizzen.com
Go to the profile of etegamist
i post about: etegami (Japanese folk art postcards,made from watercolor & sumi ink);libraries & data;food;DC.in no particular order.all opinions my own.
Go to the profile of Nivedita Shori
Nivedita Shori
Temporarily,it clears your head.Permanently,it transforms your life.Writing works like magic.
Go to the profile of Adam Burrows
Go to the profile of Jennifer Peterson
Jennifer Peterson
Audacious Adventurer and Madison's Mom.Journaling random thoughts and sharing insights along my ever changing journey.
Go to the profile of Sara Benaissa
Sara Benaissa
Writer based in Manchester.Think pieces,poems and short stories are my thing.I also own the content company Fraiche Ink
Quantrilla Ard
Quantrilla (Quanny) Ard is a faith-based personal and spiritual development writer who lives in the DC Metro area with her husband and three littles.
Go to the profile of Jackie Fernandes
Go to the profile of Leslie Loftis
Commentary curator.Mother.Lawyer.Writer.Texan.—On a break—
Go to the profile of Kristen Gill
Kristen Gill
Kristen Gill is an adventure travel writer and photographer who loves to explore and share her off-the-beaten-path experiences. www.kristengill.com
Go to the profile of My Psychology Narrative
My Psychology Narrative
A Storyteller.I use analogies & metaphors.I write spoken words.International student of Psychology.I Chase Intellect & abstract ideas.
Go to the profile of Ethan Greavu
Ethan Greavu
Arizona State 2020 - Journalism.I enjoy analyzing and writing about the "self".All of my stories are cross posted to www.ethansethic.com
Bryan Collins
Author of The Power of Creativity - Lives An Hour Outside Dublin - Always Over-Caffeinated - Find me at http://becomeawritertoday.com- http://bryancollins.com
Go to the profile of jen wight
jen wight
writer,fundraiser,thinker,owner of a blender,rider of bikes
Stéphanie de Geus
Storyteller,blogger & photographer.Loves to inspire with stories.Lover of books,travelling,old cameras & buckets full of tea.
Go to the profile of Alex Debecker
Alex Debecker
Founder and CGO of @ubisend.We are the leading AI-driven chatbots building company.I write about #chatbots,#growthhacking and #marketing.Come say hi!
Jonas Ellison
Writer who blogs.Wannabe Theologian.Contemplative.Lutheran.Hyggespreader.Girl-dad.| www.jonasellison.com
Go to the profile of Lakesha Mathis
Lakesha Mathis
Author of,If Pluto Isn't a Planet and The Conspiracy of You,Serial Entrepreneur,Business Coach,Table Flipper,Equity Advocate and Personal Growth Pusher.
Go to the profile of Deanne Michelle Welsh
Deanne Michelle Welsh
Storyteller & Founder of Unstoppable Writers,writers committed to one another's success.Join us: http://www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppablewriters
Go to the profile of Su Ring
Su Ring
Jersey girl in Seattle.TV talk show producer.Autism mom.Anthem singer.Novelist.#Hockey is my passion.#Metal is my soundtrack.#amwriting
Go to the profile of Michelle Anindya
Michelle Anindya
writes about space and stuff at anindhea.com
Jakub Ferencik
Exploring Ethical Living | Not Pretentious | From Slovakia to Portsmouth to Oxford to Canada | Philosophers = Kings
Go to the profile of Michelle Emme
Michelle Emme
Junkie to: Creativity,Adventure,Souls,Stories,Music & Life.
Go to the profile of Sean Grabowski
Sean Grabowski
A normal guy with an abnormal passion for creating.Host of The Mindful Steward Podcast.Visit TheMindfulSteward.com for free ebooks and guided meditations.
Go to the profile of Evan Klonsky
Evan Klonsky
writer.phan.moviegoer.upbeat clapper.
Mo Issa
I'm a writer,entrepreneur and a thinker.I write everyday about my thoughts in different ways — fiction,non-fiction and,poetry — http://mo-issa.com
Jane Trombley
People change and so do profiles.Still a pan-curious writer,traveler,and chronicler of life,but wiser now than before.
Marla Szwast
A mom who writes,in the cracks of time,between educating,接送和喂养半打孩子。 https://www.jumpintogenius.com
Go to the profile of Matt Essam
Matt Essam
Business coach - helping talented,ambitious freelancers and small businesses in the creative industries,to do meaningful work and get paid what they're worth
Tim Cigelske
Educator.Podcast addict.Get my newsletter: http://bit.ly/timshottakes
Eric Turner
Husband.Friend.Therapist.Life is messy!Come along for the ride.
Go to the profile of Jean Reynolds
Kent Stolt
Wisconsin-based writer,storyteller and history buff.Keep it simple.Make it real.
Go to the profile of Phil Hurst
Phil Hurst
Always looking for a new idea.Blogger at writewithphil.com
Elise Welburn Martin
Writer,Photographer and Life-long Learner.I love exploring life,and writing about it.I write every day because it is part of my heart and soul.
Go to the profile of Dondrie Burnham
Dondrie Burnham
Writer.Creator.Breaker of Brunch dates.
Nathan Allsopp
Crafting digital products that users love.Product Manager & UI/UX Designer.All opinions my own.
Go to the profile of Nikki Parsons
Nikki Parsons
Writer,Web developer,and #SocialMedia lover → Need freelance digital marketing support? https://www.fiverr.com/share/xwV3Q
Jaimin Kapadia
Writer | SEO Consultant | www.screwedupengineer.com|
Jake Lyda
Adventures of a freelance writer and aspiring author
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Trey Tan
Content Writer | Full-time Hustler | YouTuber | Engineer | Travel Junkie | IG: Treyytan | Youtube.com/treytanyin
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Alanah Andrews
Lover of speculative fiction,author of Beyond - http://a.co/eIExVNb
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Thomas Davis
Writer,motivational blogger,self-development,deep thinker,contributor to The Post-Grad Survival Guide@tom.davis23
Will Sonheim
Writer/Performer/Filmmaker Based in Chicago ~ Learned a lot at @NorthwesternU, @iOChicago, @NeoFuturists& @TheLondonFilmSchool~
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Nicole Alexandra Michaelis
Poet (& Marketer) - Obsessed with dogs,words,and David Bowie - Hire me: nicoletells.com - Poetry daily via instagram.com/nicoletells - based in Stockholm
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Rebecca Graf
Writer for ten years,lover of education,and degrees in business,history,and English.Striving to become a Renassiance woman. www.argiletumtransitorium.com
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Yunzhe Zhou
Designing life through monthly action plans.For how you you can get started on a side project,get the toolkit here: bit.ly/12sideprojects ✨
Adam Schmideg
Meander the Great
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Thomas Gaudex
Writer.Editor.Dreamer.I enjoy surfing and watching the ocean. www.thomasgaudex.com
Simone A.
Scuba diver,runner,traveler,bookworm…Email: siimurah@gmail.com
Wendy Van Camp
I love to read books,drink coffee,and blog.I'm an author,poet,and artisan jeweler.#sciencefiction #fantasy
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Jake Lord
The only way to do great work is to love what you do.If you haven't found it yet,keep looking.Don't settle.
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Mittal Patel
Blogger @ www.MittalPatel.co.in.Founder @ Pragnakalp Solutions https://www.pragnakalp.com
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Barri Sambaris
Writer,student,computer scientist,web developer,python programmer,avid reader.
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Larry G.Maguire
Writer | Artist | Digital Creative | Marketer | Podcaster | Amateur Psychologist | Slight Perfectionist | Writing @ https://larrygmaguire.com
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Fan of originality,Admirer of anything creative,Husband,Father and an internet devotee for life
Brandon Anderson
Sports,TV,NBA,NFL,culture.Words at SI's Cauldron,Grandstand Central,others @wheatonbrando
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I am a writer and a runner.I write about blended families,complex relationships and what I know best,the adventures of raising boys. www.ebpagewrites.com
Oshan Jarow
Interested in many things,like consciousness,meditation & economics.Sure of nothing,like how to exist well,or play the sax (yet).More: www.MusingMind.org.
Tracy Aston
Words and pictures real and imagined.
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Kalpana Prakash
artist and writer
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Will Watson
Father and husband.Writer.You won't find me on social media,because I don't believe in getting eaten by the machine.
Software Engineer,Technology Writer on Medium,Dev.to,and https://ryanwhocodes.com| freeCodeCamp Contributor and Supporter
Mark Starlin
Old bones.Young heart.Focusing on a wide variety of creativity.
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Cassidy McCants
Cassidy McCants,M.F.A.(Fiction Writing,Vermont College of Fine Arts),edits for Nimrod International Journal.
Maliha Mannan
Cynthia Marinakos
Aussie contributer: The Mission,The Startup,The Writing Coop.>> Beat perfectionism: 101 Proven ways to be a more productive writer. https://bit.ly/2EedaDx
Shiti Rastogi Manghani
Marketeer across 11 countries | hungry for insights | meditative in thoughts | discovering the power of neurofeedback https://www.linkedin.com/in/shitirastogi/
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Rune Myrland
I like to write,learn and figure things out.
Ganes Kesari
Simplifying data science for business decision-makers;Co-founder & Head of Analytics,Gramener | Speaker | https://gkesari.com
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Kalpesh Mange
Writer.Of Code & Poems.Wanderer of the mind.Write letters for people at http://writealetterforme.com
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Jesse Nieman
Husband | Avid Runner | Father of 2 (dogs) | I write about life,leadership,and the things I'm learning about.
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Oscar Hjelmstedt
25-year-old copywriter from Malmö,Sweden.Passionate about music,movies and literature.Currently working on my first novel. www.oscarhjelmstedt.com
Sunny Creates
I write about stuff I see,hear and read - Whether you like it or not.Editor of the Daily Rant.Published on Thought Catalog. www.sunnycreates.com
The ProWriters Toolbox
Meredith & Win have published 40+ novels in many genres.We will help you discover your unique writing voice and give you creativity prompts.Say YES to it all!
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Mikko Cervas
Always looking for ways to inspire and motivate others to lead with purpose.But first,self-knowledge.
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Anangsha Alammyan
Civil engineer | Lover of fantasy fiction | Author of Stolen Reflections: Some Stories are Told in Verse ( https://goo.gl/i2pd6j)
Craig Phillips
ux designer,product person,cohost of Opacity podcast,writer.enthusiastic about people and what makes them tick.
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Bradley Charbonneau
There's usually a choice.It's usually yours.
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Milli Thornton
Half Aussie.Writing coach.Deep listener.Devoted fan of the indestructible genius (aka the imagination).Get a 1-hour free consultation at writemorewords.com.
Louise Edington
Kick Ass Soul Astrologer and Writer.bit.ly/LouisePatreon to support my Astrology writing and more. http://bit.ly/ModernAstrologyto buy my book.
Susan Snipes
I'm a designer,entrepreneur,and artist.I'm committed to #simplicity,#sustainability,and #inclusion—in tech and everywhere.
Mohit Priyadarshi
Poet and filmmaker,writing essays and fiction.I choose to live in a world where words matter.
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Andrea Wakim
Writing and rewriting stories until I get them almost right.Canadian raised with English and Lebanese roots.
Alex L.
Professional procrastinator.Culturally confused.Believer in the power of kindness.
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Dax Nair
ICT professional.Marketer.Content Creator.Technology,Travel,Food,Squash,Tennis https://rebootsocial.com.
Courtney Hall Lee
Second career writer.38.Either a Renaissance Person or a huge flake.Published on The Ascent,The Writers Guild,The Second Act,Sojo.net & other places.
Chuck Mallory
Chicago author.前《男士健康》杂志的作家。Father of two sons,one of them on each side of life.
Randy Shingler
Writer,Poet,Essayist,Meditator,Compassionate Being, www.tranquilfreedom.com.
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Anup Sohanta (noopface)
Copywriter,Poet and Author of the book "From the Universe's Lips to My Ears". http://noopface.com
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Adam E.Badenhorst
Managing projects.Copywriter and storyteller.
Michelle Fyfe
Seeking health,happiness,living a good life and writing.I also am a pharmacist,a health coach and love yoga.Namaste. www.healthylivingtribe.ca
Dan Ahn
Quit my job to travel: 6 months in South America and 4 months biking across the US.Raised about $25k for charity.Now I'm in sales.I write too.— ReadAhn.com
Jennifer Sartore Hulst
Honest writing about the "spectrum" of life,love,and parenting two teens (one with autism).Aspiring author.Follow me on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2H5nnaa
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Raman Mama
Writings based on Cultural Storytelling,Media,and Creativity.Chasing Ideas.
Daria Krauzo
Actress,book lover,tireless walker./ www.dariakrauzo.com
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Gunjan Karun
20 years of building IT products related to startups,AI and Blockchain
Some guy who just wants to write about his feelings
Janina Aritao
Thoughts on design,marketing,and branding.
Angelo Belardi
Researching psychologist with a passion for learning,running,habits,and mindfulness.
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Menorca Chaturvedi
Scientist by profession.Writer by passion.Explorer at heart.Interested in science,society,culture,psychology.Travel blogging at europediaries.com.
Nicole Cayer
Helping busy people explore 3 key areas: spirituality,minimalism & creativity.Get the free 15 minute Journal Booster Guide: becomingfaithful.ca/journalbooster
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Melanie Campbell
Writer | Dog lover | Thought Catalog | Expert self-critic | Viva la Vida | IG: @campbell_writes
Nupoor Raj
26.Pragmatic,Ambivert,Demisexual.Optometrist by profession,Writer by passion | Poet by a natural flaw | Not a Priest;Not an Atheist.
Tiffany Antone
Thinking thoughts,writing them down… trying not to scream in the interim.Also: Playwright.Professor.Mom.Wife.Cat-Servant.Follow @LadyPlaywright
David Potts
Canadian Storyteller,Poet,Reader and Editor — Seeking Influence @ https://www.david-potts.xyz.A Very Strange Cat at Times!Founder of https://sa-tees.xyz.
Zanne Nilsson
Just another queer punk librarian who wants you to know you're not broken.
Jeffrey Allan Boman
Determined writer.NaNoWriMo Ace (4 wins in a row) 2002–06.In it until 2011.Many RPG publications too.
Michael Shook
Plain spoken.Positive.Writer.Speaker. Michael@jmzdirect.com
Cristofer Jeschke
Photographer and Educator living in the Pacific Northwest | Contributor at The Startup,Art+Marketing,and more | www.cristofer.co
Catherine Walsh
Write down what hurts,write down what feels good.Just.Write.
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Richie Billing
Scribbler.For more,venture hither >> https://richiebilling.com/
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I see,I hear,therefore I feel.I feel,I think,therefore I write.I write...therefore I am • Creator•Writer•Poetess•INFJ•Musicophile•The incurable romantic.
Andi Lutz
Sometimes I write,sometimes I edit what I write,but mostly I daydream,and fantasize about writing. https://www.AndiLutz.com
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David O.
Making complex things simple.Contributor to HackerNoon,TheStartup,TWC,DDI.Connect → linkedin.com/in/davidolarinoye
Tessa Palmer
Life after quitting the rat-race.
Nick Wignall
Clinical Psychologist writing for people who are serious about Personal Growth and Self-Improvement.Let's learn together: https://nickwignall.com
Girish Karthikeyan
Smart,Devoted to Meditation,Writing for Fun,Truth,Living with Differences,Optimist. www.RadicalGK.com
Sam H Arnold
A creator with opinions to be shared.Writer on life,books,writing tips & education.For more free articles visit www.samharnold.comor Twitter @samharnold
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I drink beer and I write things.
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Melissa McNallan
Hi!I'm Chief Blogger & Publisher at 40 Fit & Stylish (40fitnstylish.com).My big obsessions are: ballet fit,delicious food,and style.
Friend of dragons,cats,and other troublemakers.Author of the series,A Dragon's Guide to Destiny and Dystopia in Drag.Visit cmbarrett.com.
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Ovidiu Puscas
Hi!Husband & Father.Australian.Aspiring Minimalist.Created Emmix - White Label Websites for Consultants & Agencies.E: ovi@emmix.coW: https://emmix.co
Michael Duffy
Exploring life through books and words,while wondering if that's the best way to do so.
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Briana Monique
Freelance Web Content Writer.Avid reader.Straight shooter.Review junkie | Lover of travel,wine,good food,& books!
James Jordan
Teller of tales,many of which are actually true.If I have not yet offended you,please be patient I'm writing fast as i can.
Emma Briggs
I'm an environmental activist,aspiring writer and former sailor,journalist and clown."In such an ugly time the true protest is beauty," Phil Ochs.
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Christian Stewart ✔️
Contributor to https://choosetoencrypt.com|| Writing about privacy,technology and internet culture.
Max Frenzel
Things I've read,thoughts I've had.AI researcher by day,writer and beatmaker by night.
Christine Denker
爱所有的生命,believes that mistakes make the best lessons,and works to make a positive impact daily.Check out gettoit11.com to find out more.
Lindsey Lazarte
Writer & Runner based in Queens,New York.I write about writing,running,and life in general. @lindseyruns. https://lindseylazarte.com
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Joe Puentes
I'm a ragamuffin,sojourner,writer,a has-been pastor,and heart attack survivor.I own a coffee shop.I write stuff.But mainly I'm a hope dealer.
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Blogger,Baker,Van Lifer,Camping Enthusiast.More at www.Vancognito.comand www.SparkyGoesRogue.com
Miguel Álvarez
Buscando la realización.Seeking fulfillment.Anazitóntas eudaimonia.
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Kunal Sarkar
Developer + Writer | supersarkar.com | twitter.com/supersarkar
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Shannon Vaughn
I'll think of a bio later.For now all @hereisshannoneverything.
Jennifer L.Harris (JL Harris)
Helping writers turn raw ideas into published books.Download your FREE copy of The Fearless Writer at JenniferLHarris.com.
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Sara Napier Burkhard
I write.I have rights.I'm not right.But I'm alright.
Robert Peters
Employed Engineer / Unemployed Writer. https://rpeters.xyz
William Triska
Exploring ideas through stories.
Brian Stumbaugh
Brian Stumbaugh is a fiction writer,blogger,and essayist.See more of his work at http://brianstumbaugh.netand follow him on Twitter @brianstumbaugh
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Denis Murphy
Founder of The Happy Mindset.I love to read,write and create.I am a podcast host,coach and linguist interested in people and the art of learning.
Victoria Duerstock
Avid reader turned writer.A creator with many facets and interests,I write when the muse sings.I teach what I learn along the way. www.victoriaduerstock.com
去Tim Clark的形象
Tim Clark
VP,Brand Journalist and Head of Native Advertising for SAP
MFA in shitty first drafts // "The Bad Boy of Watching Rom-Coms" // tslowry.writer@gmail.com
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Norkis Grant
A writer.
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James Ardis
He wrote "Your Arkansas" (Gauss PDF,2016) and "A Head Full of Dreams" (Long Day Press,2018).He is probably a spam bot.
Vincentian-American finding her purpose.
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Leandro Ruiz
Freelance Writer & Creative Guy.I write about Self Development,Knowledge,个人财务和日常生活。Contact: leandruiz07@gmail.com
Zach J.Payne
Asexual/Queer.Essayist,Poet,Playwright,Writer for Young Adults.#2 Ninja Writer.Hire me to write: ZachJosPayne[at]gmail.
Brian Rowe
Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction.I write MG & YA suspense novels!
Paco Taylor
Pop culture archaeologist.Researcher.Essayist.Historian.Word nerd.Fluent in geek speak.Bylines @ G-Fan,FanSided,CBR,Nextshark | stpaco@gmail.com